ivonne fernandez y gonzalez

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Fineliner drawing, DIN A3


Mixed Media, DIN A4

Rainy Days

Chalk drawing, DIN A4

The Plague

Fineliner and computer drawing, DIN A4

Deep Sleep

Fineliner drawing, 30cm x 15 cm

Los Indignados I

Charcoal drawing, 20x30 cm

Apocalypsis Ioannis

Chalk drawing, DIN A3

Ein Vogel geht neugierig in Reykjavik spazieren

Fineliner drawing, DIN A4

Flying Mind

Computer graphics, DIN A3

Selbstportrait mit Baum

Drawing, DIN A4


Digital Photography


Digital Photography

I Wonder

Computer graphics, 40x60 cm

Lost Memories

Manipulated photo negative, scanned


Fineliner drawing, DIN A4

Drink me, Alice!

Pencil drawing, DIN A3

Ada Lovelace

Computer graphics, 30 cm x 60 cm

Kate Busch

Computer graphics, DIN A3


Drawing, 50x50 cm

Kein Sturm & kein Drang

Computer collage