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Neue Serie 2022-2024:


You can find more detailed information about my art education projects on my other homepage (external link):





The following is a small insight into some of the children's work created during the projects:


In the art workshop of the Jugendkulturzentrum Aschaffenburg, an art and book project for children from the autism spectrum took place under my direction in the first half of school year 2020. The aim of the project was to create a safe space for autistic children so that they can develop their creativity undisturbed and without stigmatisation and can establish contact with their peers. The project also aims to eliminate prejudices against autistic people

Cooperation partners of this "Alliance for Education - Culture makes you strong" project are the Autism Competence Center Lower Franconia, BBK Lower Franconia, JUKUZ Aschaffenburg, Bildungsbüro der Stadt Aschaffenburg and NeuroDivers e.V.