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Team spirit " The Aspergian

Those who are different are excluded, bullied or at best dragged down from above as mascots. An ideal team in reality seems to consist only of "Leonardos," people pretending to be Leonardo, people imitating Leonardo, and people obeying Leonardo...Read More →

Dear New York Times: ABA is not a therapy " The Aspergian

The New York Times dropped all journalistic standards to publish a commercial for Applied Behavior Analysis without critical review of the facts-- like that it's not a therapy, it doesn't work, and it's abusive to autistic people. Read More →

Depressive Realism | The Aspergian | For #AllAutistics, #NeuroLurkers, and #NeuroDiversity

Autistic people with average and above-average intelligence are up to 10 times more likely than neurotypical people to commit suicide, with the highest suicide rate demonstrated in autistic women with an additional diagnosis of ADHD (Hirvikoski et al., 2019). That makes me think.

Mirroring Masks and other Poems and Art

Mirroring Masks Off to the outside world, you dare! Get out of the concrete box! Quickly put on the full body mask, no power for empathy. Throw yourself protected by the dead in the swirl.